Winter Dream

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This Image was recently done for a Client of mine. Her passion is snowboarding and so we came up with a few images to use as references. She wanted the photo to be recreated but as her doing the snowboarding trick. I had her send me a few photos of herself in her snowboarding outfit so We could personalize the photo to meet her needs. I love the colours of winter. so cool, soft and cold. lots of soft purples, blues and of course a lot of fresh white! Let me know what you all think of this newest piece?!


  • Canvas Board 12×24 inches
  • Princeton Art & Brush Co. – Paint Brushes
  • ACRILEX Series 500-F- Paint Brush
  • HB Graphite Pencil
  • DALER ROWNEY System 3- Acrylic Paints

Loving Lions

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I am captivated by WildLife Cats. I think they are so strong and powerful, so fierce and aggressive yet still beautifully made and seeing these natural predators show affection and love to each other is touching.

 I did this Piece for my Grandfather to complete the set I started for him. I did the Tiger one for him which you saw and now I gave him one of two loving Lions. This photo took quite some time because I sketched every single strand of hair, But although it took long I wanted to make sure I got as close to realistic as I could. Of course there are always improvements and growing to do on each art piece. Still I am pretty pleased with the outcome of the Lions.


  • Cardboard Canvas Paper 8×10
  • Graphite 7 and 8 HB Graphite Pencils
  • Molding Eraser
  • Smudging Sticks

Island Breezy Beats

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What inspired me to do this piece is the thought of the carefree Island life where your shown how to live life to the fullest and be easy. I like the idea of this Rastafarian beating his Steel Pot and a beautiful Jamaican woman dancing to the sounds of his steel pot and the breeze whipping through the Caribbean Island. I usually try to keep my colours pretty realistic but I thought of going for a different look this time. Doing their skin colours in different shades of reds/oranges and yellows.


  • 2 12×36″ canvas’
  • Princeton Art & Brush Co – Paint Brushes and ACRILEX Series -1″ Paint Brush
  • RGM Plus – Painter’s Knife
  • Daler Rowney – Acrylic Paints

Pricing: $250.00 SOLD

To inquire about purchasing “Island Breezy Beats” Please contact Jaynee McKenzie through email –

Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.

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This photo started off easy and got difficult quick!

Every Artist has a drawing/painting or some other piece of artwork that they are not satisfied with, This is that drawing.. It started out beautifully with me capturing my best friends features perfectly.Anyone who looked at this could tell that this was Justyne. Then I started on myself, sometimes it helps to ask others for their opinions while you draw while sometimes its better to not ask any one what they think. In my case I should not have asked for advice. Eventually i was erasing and re drawing so much the picture just looked warped. At one point my boyfriend asked me when he saw the drawing if I even like myself b/c the drawing I did of me was so hideous. Well, after  white outs and paint overs I had to settle with this image of myself. The reason why I chose to put up a picture I have VERY mixed feelings about is because I am very proud of how I did Justyne. And I wanted to encourage any other artists that we all have disappointments in our work.


  • Cardboard Canvas Paper 30×39
  • HB Graphite Pencil
  • Pigma PinPoint Pens .005/.05
  • Prisma Pencil Crayons
  • Acrylic Painter’s Palette Dark Grey mixed with White


A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.  ~Author Unknown

Soul Mates

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Reference Picture

Mediums: Pigma Black Pen .005, .05/H Graphite Pencil/Prisma Pencil Crayons

Back Ground: “Painters Palette” Acrylic Paint-Pool Blue

This Photo was done for my boyfriend’s christmas gift! I Love You D. 🙂

I was inspired by the bright colours in this photo and the challenges of drawing a face that is tilted. I’ve always been nervous to tackle anything other than straight on but I’m glad I took this on.  My favorite kind of art to do is exactly this! I love drawing pictures of people and capturing all their likenesses.

Let me know what you all think of this comparison of the pictures, Especially those who know us will really see the likeness I tried to portray in this picture!


You fight like a married couple, you talk like best friends, you flirt like first loves, and protect each other like brother and sister, obviously its meant to be.


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Flower Flash image #1

Flower Flash image #2

Flower Flash image #3


This was A project I was assigned by my previous Tattoo artist and Teacher Remi. He explained to me how Butterfly and flower type tattoo’s are very popular so I was to look up different flowers and create my own style. This was the end result!


  • Tattoo Flash Paper: around the size of two and a half regular pieces of paper put side by side
  • Graphite 2HB Pencil
  • Pigma Pens: .05  &  .07
  • Regular Pencil Crayons


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Not the Tigger from Winnie The Pooh: 

I am very proud of this piece.. I have never taken the time to draw a portrait of an animal before so when my tattoo artist at the time gave me this assignment I was a little Nervous but very excited to try something new. 

I was given a few offers for this guy but he was a christmas present to Grandpa Hilton. He has been my art role model all through my life and I wanted him to have something I was proud of. 

I can happily say he likes it:) 


  • Poster Board Paper 11×13
  • Graphite 8HB Pencil