Jaynee McKenzie

My Journey has always been art. Just took me a little longer to figure that out as my destination.

The first couple years out of highschool I was trying all different trades and Jobs that I could possibly make into a career. I had a bit of what some would call the “Travel Bug”.

A year after Highschool I made my way to YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Australia. It was an amazing 4 months there and 2 months in Fiji. Then I moved to South Dakota shortly after that to live with my Uncle Steve and his family. 4 months later I was back in B.C. and a year later I moved to Toronto where I was for almost two years.

I moved to Toronto with high hopes of Apprenticing under my favorite Canadian tattoo artist. Remi from Adrenaline Tattoos. I had my second tattoo done by him in Vancouver when he worked here and my fourth tattoo partially done by him when I moved to Toronto. A year after being in Toronto things started looking up when it came to my idea of an apprentice. Remi brought me on board and I was being stretched with my artistic abilities. He had me work on tattoo flashes which are thin paper pages of different styles or themes of tattoos that people could purchase. I had no prior experience drawing animals before, he gave me a tiger to draw, and it turned out fantastic as you can check out in one of my blogs called FURRY FELINE. During my time with Remi I learned safety procedures for set up and take down of the equipment. I watched him time and time again tattoo and I felt I had drawn enough I need to buy my machines and start practising! Remi kept putting this off and I later found out it was because he was planning on leaving Adrenaline. Once Remi left I was kicked to the curb. In no way could I work in there unless I was doing retail and quit my two other jobs.. Those other jobs put food on my table so that was not going to happen. I was quite discouraged and a few months later moved back to B.C.

After being back in Vancouver for a couple of months I was given a great opportunity to illustrate a comic book that my grandpa had thought of and had been wanting to produce and publish for a while now. My sister did the dialogue and I illustrated. The comic book is available for purchase. If you would like to order copies contact me at jy_mck@hotmail.com. I have also added a few sneak peaks on what our comic looks like.

So to conclude the About me category. I am an artist and I love to create.



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