*Midnight Love*

My most recent painting was created by my client you see below. She saw my “Island Breezy Beats” painting in another customers home and decided she must have her own. She loves to dance and has a passion for music so together we came up with an idea to have her dancing in a night club with her boyfriend. We looked through pictures and she picked out a few that really stuck out. Once she sent me a few pictures of her self and I got started!

Here Is Jonie (happy customer 🙂 ) and the painting I did for her.

This is another lighting to show you the painting.  Once again.

Here is one of the middle steps to show you how her boyfriend looked with just a couple coats on.



  • HB Graphite Pencil
  • Dayler Rowney System 3 original Acrylic Paints
  • Princeton Art & Brush Co. (Paint Brushes)
  • 24×32 Canvas



*If you are interested in your own personal painting done by Jaynee McKenzie please contact her at jy_mck@hotmail.com


2 Responses to “*Midnight Love*”

  1. Love it Jaynee!

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