A Little Taste of Comic Book “My Life”

Well here you have it. I finally have a few photo samples for you of the comic book I illustrated in 2010. It was printed in september and after all the fine tuning and a few changes to the script the book was published March 2011! You can find your copy of “My Life” at Angels Christian Book Store in White Rock B.C.

The comic book is about a young man who is faced with decisions of right and wrong which we are all faced with every day. Does he go to the bar with his boys or take some time to do devotions with God? Does he let his unsaved friend only hear positive feedback on his deathbed or does he tell him the truth about the universe and afterlife. We are all faced with trials in our lives and here is a guy that many of us can relate to. So If you are looking for a challenging read that also appeals to your eyes with the bright colours and lively characters than ” My Life ” is the graphic novel for you!


  • Graphite Hb Pencil
  • Pigma Pens .005 .05 .07 and .08
  • Prisma Pencil Crayons
  • Recycled Paper

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