Catwoman Meets Batman ;)

Cawoman claiming her territory!

Close up on Cat Woman and her Prey

This photo was inspired for my sister and my love for Comic Books and Graphic Novels. My Sister’s birthday was coming up and I knew she would love a drawing done of her boyfriend and herself. So I decided to draw a picture for them but customize it so its unique to her style. Most of my art that I do of people I like to make it a themed photo. because if you just wanted a drawing exactly like a photo. You would just frame the photo. This way you can personalize your favorite photos to really represent you!

To order your very own personalized photo contact Jaynee McKenzie at:


  • 14×24 Canvas poster board
  • graphite HB Pencil
  • Molding Eraser
  • Princeton Art&Brush Co.-Paint Brushes
  • Daler Rowney -Original System 3- Acrylic Paints
  • Prisma Pencil Crayons

3 Responses to “Catwoman Meets Batman ;)”

  1. Love it! Dad & I want want one of us as Ariel and Prince Eric!

  2. Wow cool idea! What made u want those characters? Your favorite disney movie?!

  3. margaret Says:

    Awesome work jaynee

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