~Veggies In The Kitchen~

I was inspired to do these two peices after looking at empty walls in people’s kitchens! It is time we all decorate our kitchen and make it customized to our personal style. I love the idea of veggie canvas’s in the kitchen, it’s trendy and keeps the theme of food and comfort in your home!


  • 2 12×5 inch Canvas’s
  • 2HB graphite Pencil
  • Moldable Eraser
  • Princeton Art&Brush Co.-Paint Brushes
  • Daler Rowney -Original System 3- Acrylic Paints

2 Responses to “~Veggies In The Kitchen~”

  1. Shanelle Says:

    I LOVE this! Great work! You are so gifted ❤

    • Thank you Shanelle. I’m glad you enjoyed them:) I still need a few photos from you of you and your Fiance Mr. Bearg for your wedding..email me your favorite pictures to jy_mck@hotmail.com. You can also send me seperate photos of you and him if theres certain ones you like yur face,hair or posture in better.

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