Island Breezy Beats

What inspired me to do this piece is the thought of the carefree Island life where your shown how to live life to the fullest and be easy. I like the idea of this Rastafarian beating his Steel Pot and a beautiful Jamaican woman dancing to the sounds of his steel pot and the breeze whipping through the Caribbean Island. I usually try to keep my colours pretty realistic but I thought of going for a different look this time. Doing their skin colours in different shades of reds/oranges and yellows.


  • 2 12×36″ canvas’
  • Princeton Art & Brush Co – Paint Brushes and ACRILEX Series -1″ Paint Brush
  • RGM Plus – Painter’s Knife
  • Daler Rowney – Acrylic Paints

Pricing: $250.00 SOLD

To inquire about purchasing “Island Breezy Beats” Please contact Jaynee McKenzie through email –


2 Responses to “Island Breezy Beats”

  1. Click on photos to veiw larger and clearer Image

  2. MooreFitLiving Says:

    Love it, these paintings have a great vibe too them, and will definitely brighten up any space!

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