Soul Mates

Reference Picture

Mediums: Pigma Black Pen .005, .05/H Graphite Pencil/Prisma Pencil Crayons

Back Ground: “Painters Palette” Acrylic Paint-Pool Blue

This Photo was done for my boyfriend’s christmas gift! I Love You D. 🙂

I was inspired by the bright colours in this photo and the challenges of drawing a face that is tilted. I’ve always been nervous to tackle anything other than straight on but I’m glad I took this on.  My favorite kind of art to do is exactly this! I love drawing pictures of people and capturing all their likenesses.

Let me know what you all think of this comparison of the pictures, Especially those who know us will really see the likeness I tried to portray in this picture!


You fight like a married couple, you talk like best friends, you flirt like first loves, and protect each other like brother and sister, obviously its meant to be.


5 Responses to “Soul Mates”

  1. To view a bigger image of the drawing click on the image.

  2. Good job girrrll.. LOVE IT!! the coloring looks amazing!!

  3. True likeness. The thing I love about your style of portraits is while they are not as simplistic as a cartoon drawing, yet they have the feel of high-end animation. Ever wondered what you’d look like in a comic book format? Just ask J for the cartoon dimension! Good job J.

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