20th Century Pinup Ladies ;)


Fantasy Avatar Pinup

Assassin Pinup…Angelina Who?!
Caribbean Pinup

Ginger Pinup







My take on Pinup Girls is, let’s do this in the 20th century! Although the Pinup bar stool and old-fashioned Plane girls are very cute and appealing to ones eye. I wanted my own spin on the Pinup Craft. 

GINGER PINUP: This pretty Redhead aka “Ginger”. Is my tribute to the Toronto Girl. Nights out in VIP, Fancy Penthouses, expensive clothes and of course lots of Liquor!! 

CARIBBEAN PINUP: This little lady was Rhianna attitude inspired. A bit of Rock N Roll and Spunk rolled up into a beautiful Caribbean Princess wading in those Tropical Seas! 

ASSASSIN PINUP…..ANGELINA WHO?!: You don’t want to run into this chick. She’ll beat you down and leave you dead and Shamed. Giving Angelina Jolie a run for her money$$ 

FANTASY AVATAR PINUP: Blue girl here is my idea of a more feminine prettier more fairy like Avatar. Who needs a pet dragon when you already have wings to soar?!?! 


  • Flash Tattoo Paper
  • Graphite 2HB Pencil
  • Pigma Pens: .005 & .05
  • Regular Pencil Crayons

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